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Hi I am Reece and I am a neurodiverse Actor and Creative Practitioner based in the East of England. My craft is founded strongly on the values of diversity and inclusion. I believe that the fundamentals of performance have a place within everyday practice. The art of improvisation, empathy, and character development have all helped me learn more about myself, and this has driven me to use my work as an inspiration for others.

I spent 3 years studying an undergraduate degree in acting at Norwich University of the Arts under the teaching of Dr. Experience Bryon. My knowledge of Integrated Performance Practice has allowed me a channel to develop my skills in voice and movement. This has especially proved useful in helping me find my position within modern and contemporary styles of acting.


With experience in devising and writing, I never hold back from covering topics that challenge the values of today's society. I stand on the fact that performance can reshape the way in which people view aspects of everyday life. I enjoy working with young audiences and am interested in exploring new opportunities to communicate my work

Made By... Podcast

Creatives… they're everywhere, sometimes even unnoticed. This podcast is a chance to hear from some of them. From their inspiration, to their pet peeves or silly antics. Expect lots of informal chats and honest opinions from Made By…

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